There is a lot of hype about cars that can drive themselves without the assistance of any human. Manufacturers have been promising, but up till now, there is no fully optimized self-driving car yet.

A lot of cars termed self-driving cars are not fully automated. But there are some trucks and vehicles that are semi-independent.  Before buying any car, you should research and find its capability. One of the best ways to do so is to know what other people who have owned the vehicle have to say about it. You can do this by visiting BritainReviews to read reviews and see other people’s opinions.  On this website, you can also learn about options for a car loan as well.

While we wait until they are made available for use, if you are interested in self-driving cars, these are some pros and cons we should expect.


Fewer Accidents and Deaths:

Up to 90% of accidents are caused by drivers. From drunk drivers to inexperienced drivers, impatience, and road rage. Self-driving cars will be optimized with functions that make them better than the best drivers, so fewer accidents will be expected.

Fewer Traffic Jams:

These cars will be sensitive to cars that are around them. Therefore, there will be reduced traffic jams. The cars will be able to maintain a certain distance from each other, making all commuting safer and faster.


Sometimes, getting late can be a result of the unavailability of parking space. Self-driving cars will be equipped with the self-parking function. The owner of the car can come out and go about their business while leaving the car to go about the business of finding parking space and parking properly.


Susceptible to Hacking: 

Ultimately, the self-driving car will be powered by a computer and all computers are susceptible to hacking no matter the number of security features included in it.  Because of this, the car can easily be stolen or hijacked by criminals.

Increase in the Number of Cars on the Roads:

Many things can constrict people from owning and driving cars including the inability to drive, license seizure, or disability. But with driverless cars, all these constraints are taken out and almost everybody can own a car. This means automatically, the amount of cars on the road and congestion is inevitable.

Job Loss:

A large number of the population consists of drivers; if cars drive themselves automatically a lot of people will lose their jobs. Why pay people to do a function that your car can perform on its own.

Taxi drivers and Uber drivers would be grossly affected by this, truck drivers as well. Business owners will typically go for the cheaper alternative to solve their logistics issues.

There are many pros and cons of cars that can drive themselves, and a lot of people are waiting to add this convenience into their lives. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and know if you should buy a driverless car.