The stock market may be in trouble but that does not mean you should be jumping on the first good opportunity that comes your way. That said, there is still some significant potential in the sector of electric cars and energy. There are many industries in which electric vehicles can play a role, but none is as yet untapped.

As with any sector, there are risks involved, especially in a fast-changing sector such as the one we address in this article. Nevertheless, there is certainly a lot of money to be made if you can find the right opportunities and can manage the risks associated with them. In that light, we have looked at two sectors related to electric cars and the impact they will have on the economy.

The sector of energy is far from saturated, thanks to the many billions of dollars in research and development currently being poured into alternative energy. However, the potential for growth is limited and many industries that make up this sector face severe headwinds from the cost and volatility of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuel prices have reached a record high and analysts are predicting more volatility as companies struggle to keep production levels even as demand increases. In that context, NASDAQ TSLA could be a huge boon to those who are seeking an alternative to fossil fuels and an excellent buy for investors looking to add to their portfolio. The upside potential is considerable and is likely to continue, even in a slowing energy sector.

One of the few sectors that is not affected by oil prices and is yet to experience significant growth is the residential sector. This makes Tesla both a good buy for individual buyers as well as a good buy for investors. Although prices have already begun to plateau and analysts are forecasting that growth will slow over the next few years, the ten years following that forecast could see prices rise by as much as 25%. A good place to put money now is in the top two percent of Teslas on the market because even with limited growth, an investment in Teslas will compound over time and your money will be far better off in ten years when you reap the benefits than in the immediate aftermath of a bear market.

Many people are unsure whether they should go ahead and get in on the ground floor of a company like Tesla and there are three reasons why it might not be a good idea. The first reason why people may not want to get in on the ground floor is because they believe that it is too risky. The second reason is that they think the business will go public in a few years and they do not want to be left holding the bag. The third reason is that they do not understand how valuable tesla is and how quickly Tesla stock can grow.

If you look at all of the evidence surrounding the business model behind Tesla and you analyze that with the historical performance of blue chip companies, then you will see that tesla stock investment is very safe and could well be the best long term buy. This is especially true if you are able to ride out the short-term volatility which may be experienced as the market fluctuates between short range highs and lows. If you want to know more information relating to releases of Tesla, you can check at