Are we too reliant on cars?

In the modern world, many of us rely on our cars for everything. Hardly a day will go by when we don’t make at least one journey with our cars. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives, that the very thought of living without them can send a shiver down our spine.

A journey which would take 30 minutes can be cut down to 10. A trip that would make you out of breath can be no work at all. Having a car makes our lives so much easier, and because of that, it could be argued that we’re starting to develop an over-reliance on them.

Not too bad in Finland

In Finland, the problem is nowhere near as prevalent as it is in other parts of the world. And there are a few reasons for this. The main one is that the public transport system over here is actually pretty good. Meaning that people are more likely to choose public transport than they are to sit in traffic.

Another reason is that owning a car is rather expensive. This will discourage a lot of people from driving too often.

However, even though it’s not as bad over here as it is in the UK or the USA, it’s still a growing trend.

We need it for work

Outside of the capital, most of us will probably need to drive to be able to get to work. Unlike some trips, this is not something that we have much choice in. If we don’t drive, we won’t be able to work, and won’t be able to do our jobs.

 For many of us, living closer to work is just not an option, and therefore our only option will be to use our cars to drive. Unless there is a good public transport route from our homes to our work.

We need it for life

But even outside of work, there are lots of things that would not be very easy at all without the use of the car. The two main ones that spring to mind are shopping and holidays.

Going on public transport with heavy bags is always a pain. And I mean both physical pain and an embarrassment. Instead of having to train like an athlete to just to get your food home, you can instead just put it into your car and drive away. This is far easier and takes much less time.

And holidays, who wants to go on all the trains carrying suitcases?


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More and more people are learning how to drive, and owning a car will make your life much easier. But we do need to be careful. Whilst knowing how to drive is good, relying on it too much can make your life a little bit more difficult.